I took part in Childhood Week in Summer 2019. This required me to illustrate a childhood memory based off a prompt each day for a week.

Books - My school books were often filled with lots of little doodles and drawings.

I wish - I wish that I could have seen Santa and his reindeer delivering presents.

Closer - I made my Dad envelopes of paper X’s (kisses) and it was an expression of our close bond.

Alone - My favourite time to draw was at night, when I was alone with my imagination. I had a head torch which I wore to see what I was doing.

Seek - Seeking out insects to take into class for a school project.

Night - When I was very young I was frightened of the man in the moon.

Meet the little me - One of my earliest memories was playing in the bath. I had foam letters which I practiced spelling with and a toy alligator. My mum would spike my hair into a unicorn horn when It was all bubbly.